Freedom and Democracy

Democracy and freedom have been focal issues in my research. In 2014, I presented ando-valor-da-liberdade moderated a debate between Roberto Mangabeira Unger and Gilles Lipovetsky at the annual conference of the FFMs foundation. Also for FFMS, I  co-authored, with Joana Pontes a 10-piece documentary on “The Value of Freedom”. Interviewees, which include philosopher John Gray, writer Siri Hustvedt, sociologists Gilles Lipovetsky and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the latter former president of Brazil, and economist Dani Rodrik, among others, share their views on the prospects for freedom in the world.


My views on crises and freedom are in “Crise, Cólera e Liberdade”, a short essay at XII magazine, summarized in this short video piece. Another piece discusses the relationship between consumption places and democracy.


The paper “How Democracy Affects Growth”, out at the European Economic Review, received coverage in the New York Times and the World Bank newsletter. My assessment of the relative costs imposed on democracies and non-democracies by terrorism, “The Open Society Assesses Its Enemies”, was out in the Journal of Monetary Economics, and covered in Expresso. The relationship between the specific content of public discourse and economic outcomes is explored in “Hope, Change, and Financial Markets: Do Obama´s Words Drive Markets?”, summarized in a short video.