On Europe

My interest on Europe has deepened in the wake of the sovereign debt crisis. The volume “After the Crisis”, coedited with Francesco Caselli and Mário Centeno, is forthcoming at Oxford University Press. It assesses how European countries have – or not –conducted reforms in response to the economic crisis, and the challenges ahead for European growth.


As a speaker in the 2011 Dahrendorf Symposium of the Future of Europe I expressed my views on what next for the European Union, based on a position paper, starkly summarized here.


In Portuguese, I have expressed my views in an essay on the idea of Europe, as well asa re-interpretation of Conrad, Nabokov and Lispector´s Europeanness. Both pieces were published in the magazine XXI.


In the paper “A Volatility-Based Theory of Fiscal Union Desirability”, joint with Jaime Luque and Massimo Morelli, we discuss the political economy of the of currency union and fiscal union. With Luisa Lambertini, in “Exchange Rates and Fiscal Adjustments: Evidence from the OECD and Implications for the EMU”, I examine the consequences of entering a fixed exchange rate regime such as EMU for the sustainability of fiscal consolidations.


I teach a MSc in Economics course in European Economy and am currently finishing an essay on the future of Europe as idea and as political economy.